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    The model-driven design tool for J2EE.

    ModelJ is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool that uses code generation to create complete J2EE designs using the Struts and EJB frameworks. With ModelJ, you are only a few steps away from a complete application readily deployable to JBoss, the leading open-source J2EE Application Server. ModelJ uses proven design patterns to ensure a robust, easy-to-maintain design.

    Three easy steps to application development:

    1. Develop your business domain model in your favorite UML modeller.

    2. Implement the design in ModelJ xml (a UML diagram to ModelJ xml converter is planned for release 0.6):
                <description>User information</description>
                  <title>First Name</title>
                  <title>Last Name</title>
                  <title>Email Address</title>
    3. Run ModelJ.

    You now have the source code to a complete J2EE-driven application:


    Role Entries:
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    Catalog Entries:
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    View Role
    Name: Administrator role

    Add new User to Role

    User Entries
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    First Name Last Name Email Address Operations
    Ahab Icarus ahab@mo.com Edit     Delete
    Joe Schmoe joe@moe.com Edit     Delete


    Screenshot of ModelJ-generated application running under JBoss 3.0.3

    The deployments produced by ModelJ have been tested under JBoss 3.0.3 with integrated HTTP client.